Share your parenting remedy!

This page is dedicated to any remedy advice you can offer!

Here is one to start. A friend of mine, ah hmm, Latasha M 😁 gave me the best remedy for diaper rash. The solution, a liquid antacid such as Mylanta and Aquaphor combined into a pasty texture, cleared up diaper rash faster than any over-the-counter medicine I’ve tried. It didn’t quite help with yeast rash but it worked amazing for the common rash.

The antacid neutralized the acidity in culprit number 1 and 2! The Aquaphor thickened the liquid for better adherence. Worked like a charm for me.

Thank you Latasha!!!

I got one more…not sure if anyone has tried this… I used teething medicine to numb the mouth sores when my daughter got hand, foot, mouth 😒 It helped her get through it.

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